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Email is currently the most required way of effective communication for all purposes. Yahoo is one of the leading email service providers on date and we have come up with 10 simple steps to help you set up your Yahoo mail account(Yahoo mail sign up).

Step By Step Guide For Signing Up With A Yahoo Mail Account

To get started with the Yahoo mail sign up/registration process, follow the below steps:

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  1. To begin with, users are required to visit the official page( ) of the website on their browsers. All they need to do is type in the search engine and the browser will return up the main page for the Yahoo server.
  2. You can find an option with a heading of ‘Sign in’ present in the right side of the page near the top corner. The button is more specifically located on the left side of the provided bell icon on the page. You need to click on that link and you will be directed to a new window very soon.
  3. You will find the option to ‘Sign up’ for a new document. This option is available to just next to the button with the heading of ‘Don’t have an account?’ on the right hand side of the webpage
  4. To get done with the account registration process, users are required to fill in little personal information into the respective fields provided for each. That includes:
    1. The first field asks for the first name of the user.
    2. Users need to type in their last name into the second field.
    3. Next, users are required to choose a username for their email address. This user name will be used as the account name for the Yahoo account. It is possible that the email username that you prefer has already been taken by some other user. In that case, Yahoo will prompt you with a list of suggestive unique names related to your name and details to use for the registration process. Users can also choose any other name of their choices and check if it is available or not.
    4. They are required to place a password for the security of their account. It can be anything ranging from numbers, alphabets, special characters or a combination of all. It is best suggested to include at least one upper key and one lower key alphabet character, a digit and a special character combination to enhance the strength of their password.
    5. Another important criterion for the sign up process is the mobile number of the user. There is no chance by which it is possible to create Yahoo mail account without providing the mobile number. It is necessary to verify the account. It will also be used to notify you of any changes brought in to the account. That includes change in password, unauthorized log in notification and many more.
    6. The next field asks for the date of birth of the user. That means users are required to put in their birth date, month and year into the respective fields.
    7. Another optional field is filling up your gender. You can avoid it and prefer not to say if you are not comfortable with sharing it.
  5. You will find a ‘Continue’ button towards the end of the field’s list at the bottom part of the page. But this button will not work in case you missed any required field to fill up or if the username that you chose is not available. The button will can only be used after all the fields are checked thoroughly and the username is replaced with one that is available and not taken by any other user.
  6. Once you click on the ‘Continue’ button, a new pop up window will come up on the same web page. That page will have a button with the heading ‘Text me an account key’. Once you click on the blue button available near the middle part of the page, you will be prompting Yahoo to send you a text message to the provided mobile number with an activation text code. Users can also prefer to get a call from the Yahoo server that will provide the account key via call.
  7. You are required to retrieve the code provided for the verification procedure. Check up the messenger app on your device to look for the message containing the code from Yahoo. It is going to be a 5-digit code for the security of your account. For users who chose to get the code through a call, they are required to wait for a few minute before Yahoo makes a call to recite the code. Answer the call and note down the recited digits.
  8. Enter the code into the verification field located on the middle part of the page. It will have a heading ‘Enter the Account key we sent to [the provided number during the registration process]’ above the field.
  9. Provide the security code and click on the blue ‘Verify’ button to confirm your mobile number.
  10. The Yahoo mail sign up/registration process is complete and you can get started by clicking on the relevant button with the heading ‘Let’s get started’. It will redirect you the main home page of Yahoo.

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Users can then find the mail option located in the top left portion of the web page clicking which will automatically redirect them to the email inbox for the registered account.