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Sign Up For A Gmail Account In 7 Easy Steps

Email is currently the most efficient way of getting connected to the people all around the world. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways left alone the point of being absolutely free. Gmail or the email service provided by Google is currently the most widely used email network for all purposes, be it business or personal usage. Signing up with a Gmail account is the only way to have limitless access to the various services of Google including YouTube, Hangouts, and Google Plus among many others.

Gmail sign up / Gmail registration

Getting registered with a Google account is not only straightforward but also it takes just a few minutes to get done with the sign up process. Anyone can follow the below mentioned steps take care of the Gmail sign up sign up

Step 1

Users can visit any web page for the Google services including Gmail, Google Drive or just Google search engine ( or ). The page will be presenting the user with the particular information of the chosen Google service or just present them with a red button to sign in, commonly called as the login page. No matter whatever web page you choose to start with if you already have a registered Google account, you will be automatically signed in to the account. If you are new, you will be receiving a prompt screen to sign in or create a new account on Google.

Step 2

The second procedure of the Gmail sign up process requires users to choose a unique username. The username they choose will automatically become the account name for the user’s Gmail services by default. It is also possible that the username has already been used by some other user for their account. You will then be prompted to log in to the account or reset the password. This is Google thinks that you have already registered yourself with the username and asks you to simply get back to it. Another option that Google will provide you is a bunch of suggested usernames that you could choose for your Gmail registration. You can even try to get another username of your choice but it has to be unique.

Step 3

The sign up process will require you to provide a few more details. The list of required information include the first and last name of the user, their birthday, gender, their phone number and an alternative email address for verification process. While the birthday is used to verify the age of the user, the phone number is used for cases of access loss to the account. You can even prefer to not provide the phone number as it is not a ‘must-fill’ category. Users also need to enter the country they belong to. Google allows users to set up a 2 factor authentication process to enhance their security.

Gmail sign up create new account registration

Step 4

You need to prove that you are a human and not a robot. Like most other registration processes, you need to get done with the captcha code verification for the Gmail sign up process to continue as no bots are allowed for any Google service. In case you cannot comprehend the code, you can request to refresh the captcha code by clicking on the refresh button available besides the text field. Users are also provided with a speaker option clicking which will make Google read out the code through the speakers connected to the device.

Step 5

Once you have proved that you are a human and not a robot, you need to read out the privacy policy throughout. Though it may take some time, it is one of the most essential steps of the entire sign up procedure as it allows the user to know that they can expect from Google Gmail account and they cannot. It will also notify the users of limits of Google on using the personal data of the users. Once you have read out the entire policy, click on the check box. You can roll back any time in case you do not agree to the terms and conditions provided by Google.

Step 6

After the above steps are done, you need to click on the button that shows ‘Next Step’. This will redirect the user into the page of profile creation for Google+. A Google+ account creation is a must for any Google account that you may sign up for. You can then choose to add a display picture for the account or leave it as such. It is not a mandate to provide a picture to your profile and users may often choose not to add one.

Step 7

You are almost done to get started. But you need to click on the option that reads out as ‘Get Started’ to get done with the account creation steps for Google. Now you are really done with the registration process for your Gmail account. You can just either return to the Google page by clicking the return button or choose to visit any of the other web page available of the other Google services. Well you do not need to log in to the account as it will be an automatic process from now on irrespective of whatever page you choose to visit for Google services.

You are done. Get sorted with your contact list or just click on the compose button to write a new mail.